New wedelolides, (9R)-eudesman-9,12-olide δ-lactones, from Wedelia trilobata

  title={New wedelolides, (9R)-eudesman-9,12-olide δ-lactones, from Wedelia trilobata},
  author={Toan Phan Duc and Truong Van Nguyen Thien and Akino Jossang and Phi Phung Nguyen Kim and Philippe Grellier and Ginette Jaureguiberry and Quang Ton That},
Abstract From the crude ethanol extract of Wedelia trilobata leaves, hexane and dichloromethane fractions exhibited in vitro antimalarial activity against the Plasmodium falciparum parasite (strain PFB), with IC 50 values of 27.0 and 13.0 μg/mL, respectively. Specifically, two new (9 R )-eudesman-9,12-olide δ-lactones, wedelolide G ( 1 ) and wedelolide H (2), were isolated from the dichloromethane extract and showed IC 50 values of 3.42 and 5.96 μM, respectively. Six known compounds are also… CONTINUE READING