New ways in RGD-peptide mediated drug targeting to angiogenic endothelium

  title={New ways in RGD-peptide mediated drug targeting to angiogenic endothelium},
  author={Kai Temming and Damon L. Meyer and Roger Zabiniski and Peter D. Senter and Grietje Molema and Klaas Poelstra and Robbert Jan Kok},
During the past decade, RGD-peptides have become a popular tool for the targeting of drugs and imaging agents to αvβ3-integring expressing tumor vasculature. RGD-peptides have been introduced by recombinant means into therapeutic proteins and viruses. Chemical means have been applied to couple RGD-peptides and RGD-mimetics to liposomes, polymers, peptides, small molecule drugs and radiotracers. Some of these products show impressive results in preclinical animal models and a RGD targeted… CONTINUE READING


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