New universal mitochondrial PCR markers reveal new information on maternal citrus phylogeny

  title={New universal mitochondrial PCR markers reveal new information on maternal citrus phylogeny},
  author={Y. Froelicher and W. Mouhaya and Jean-Baptiste Bassene and G. Costantino and M. Kamiri and F. Luro and R. Morillon and P. Ollitrault},
  journal={Tree Genetics & Genomes},
  • Y. Froelicher, W. Mouhaya, +5 authors P. Ollitrault
  • Published 2010
  • Biology
  • Tree Genetics & Genomes
  • The aim of this work was to provide a set of mitochondrial markers to reveal polymorphism and to study the maternal phylogeny in citrus. [...] Key Method We first used 44 universal markers previously described in the literature: nine of these markers produced amplification products but only one revealed polymorphism in citrus.Expand Abstract
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