New two-metric theory of gravity with prior geometry

  title={New two-metric theory of gravity with prior geometry},
  author={Alan Paige Lightman and David L. Lee},
  journal={Physical Review D},
We present a Lagrangian-based metric theory of gravity with three adjustable constants and two tensor fields, one of which is a nondynamical "flat-space metric" $\ensuremath{\eta}$. With a suitable cosmological model and a particular choice of the constants, the "post-Newtonian limit" of the theory agrees, in the current epoch, with that of general relativity theory (GRT); consequently our theory is consistent with current gravitation experiments. Because of the role of $\ensuremath{\eta}$, the… 

A Spatially-VSL Gravity Model with 1-PN Limit of GRT

In the static field configuration, a spatially-Variable Speed of Light (VSL) scalar gravity model with Lorentz-Poincaré interpretation was shown to reproduce the phenomenology implied by the

The parameterized post-Newtonian limit of bimetric theories of gravity

We consider the post-Newtonian limit of a general class of bimetric theories of gravity, in which both metrics are dynamical. The established parameterized post-Newtonian approach is followed as

Model-Independent Test of General Relativity: An Extended post-Einsteinian Framework with Complete Polarization Content

We develop a model-independent test of general relativity that allows for the constraint of the gravitational wave (GW) polarization content with GW detections of binary compact object inspirals. We

On horizon structure of bimetric spacetimes

We discuss the structure of horizons in spacetimes with two metrics, with applications to the Vainshtein mechanism and other examples. We show, without using the field equations, that if the two

Parameterized post-Newtonian formalism for multimetric gravity

We discuss the post-Newtonian limit of multimetric gravity theories with N ⩾ 2 ?> metric tensors and a corresponding number of standard model copies, and construct an extension of the parameterized

New theory of space-time and gravitation

It is shown that the general theory of relativity is not satisfactory physical theory, since in it there are no laws of conservation for the matter and gravitational field taken together and it does

Modified Gravity and Cosmology

A Metric Theory of Gravity with Condensed Matter Interpretation

We define a metric theory of gravity with preferred Newtonian frame (X^i(x),T(x)) by L = L_{GR} + \Xi g^{mn}\delta_{ij}X^i_{,m}X^j_{,n} - \Upsilon g^{mn}T_{,m}T_{,n} It allows a condensed matter

Conservation laws and variational principles in metric theories of gravity

Conservation of energy, momentum, and angular momentum in metric theories of gravity is studied extensively both in Lagrangian formulations (using generalized Bianchi identities) and in the



in Relativity, Groups, and Topology ed

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III where p denotes energy density and r is arbitrary, p is an isotropic radial coordinate, i.e., p -(X2 + y2 + z) /2 and r is a curvature radial coordinate

    Thorne first pointed this out in a priviate communication at Palomar Mountain

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