New travelling wave solutions for the Fisher-KPP equation with general exponents

  title={New travelling wave solutions for the Fisher-KPP equation with general exponents},
  author={Ariel S{\'a}nchez-Vald{\'e}s and Benito Hern{\'a}ndez-Bermejo},
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Traveling wave patterns in nonlinear reaction–diffusion equations

In this paper we study a reaction–diffusion model equation with general nonlinear diffusion and arbitrary kinetic orders in the reaction terms, which appears in the applied biochemical modeling. We

Travelling Waves Solutions for Ice-Sheets Equation

In this paper, we study the travelling waves solutions for the following equation ut = � u m |ux| p−2 uxx − f(u) ,x ∈ R ,t >0,

Anomalous self-similar solutions of exponential type for the subcritical fast diffusion equation with weighted reaction

We prove existence and uniqueness of the branch of the so-called anomalous eternal solutions in exponential self-similar form for the subcritical fast-diffusion equation with a weighted reaction term

Radial equivalence and applications to the qualitative theory for a class of nonhomogeneous reaction‐diffusion equations

Some transformations acting on radially symmetric solutions to the following class of non-homogeneous reaction-diffusion equations $$ |x|^{\sigma_1}\partial_tu=\Delta u^m+|x|^{\sigma_2}u^p, \qquad

A class of singular first order differential equations with applications in reaction-diffusion

We study positive solutions $y(u)$ for the first order differential equation $$y'=q(c\,{y}^{\frac{1}{p}}-f(u))$$ where $c>0$ is a parameter, $p>1$ and $q>1$ are conjugate numbers and $f$ is a

Travelling Waves in Nonlinear Diffusion-Convection Reaction

The study of travelling waves or fronts has become an essential part of the mathematical analysis of nonlinear diffusion-convection-reaction processes. Whether or not a nonlinear second-order scalar

Traveling Wave Phenomena in Some Degenerate Reaction-Diffusion Equations

Abstract In this paper we study the existence of travelling wave solutions (t.w.s.), u ( x , t )=φ( x − ct ) for the equation [formula]+ g ( u ), (*) where the reactive part g ( u ) is as in the

Global Travelling Waves in Reaction–Convection–Diffusion Equations

We study the existence and properties of solutions in travelling wave form, u(x, t)=φ(x−st), defined for every z=x−st∈R, for the reaction-convection- diffusion


Introduction Part I: Representation formulas for solutions: Four important linear partial differential equations Nonlinear first-order PDE Other ways to represent solutions Part II: Theory for linear

Computational Analysis of Biochemical Systems: A Practical Guide for Biochemists and Molecular Biologists

This work presents a graphical representation of biochemical systems, a sequence of models describing purine metabolism, and a model of the tricarboxylic acid cycle in Dictyostelium discoideum, which shows the importance of knowing the initial steps of the Glycolytic-Glycogenolytic pathway.

Pathway Analysis and Optimization in Metabolic Engineering

A model of citric acid production in the mold Aspergillus niger is used as a useful model for optimization of biochemical systems theory and Maximization of ethanol and carbohydrate production in Saccharomyces cerevisiae.