New transcutaneous jaundice device with two optical paths.

  title={New transcutaneous jaundice device with two optical paths.},
  author={Saneyuki Yasuda and Susumu Itoh and Kenichi Isobe and Masahiko Yonetani and H. Richard Nakamura and Makoto Nakamura and Yoshitada Yamauchi and Akio Yamanishi},
  journal={Journal of perinatal medicine},
  volume={31 1},
OBJECTIVES To confirm the accuracy and precision of transcutaneous bilirubin (TcB) values measured by a new device with two optical paths (JM-103) and the value of total serum bilirubin (TSB) level in clinical units of measurement. METHODS For comparison of the levels of accuracy and precision of JM-103 and the old device (JM-102), serum samples were collected from 77 Japanese infants in three different hospitals including 24 preterm infants and 53 term infants. Measurement of TcB by JM-103… CONTINUE READING

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