New tool for an ancient art: The computer and music

  title={New tool for an ancient art: The computer and music},
  author={Paul M. Craner},
  journal={Computers and the Humanities},
This paper discusses the concept of a musician's workstation and a curriculum intended to teach musicians how computers can be used in the musical arts. The curriculum described is an extension of the upper-division of the B.A. in Electronic/Computer Music at San Francisco State 

Electronic Information and Applications in Musicology and Music Theory

An overview of electronic publications and information resources selectively covers bibliographic citations of books, articles, scores, and sound recordings; electronic network resources;abases; music laboratory environments; and commercial multimedia products.

De-Nationalization and Re-Nationalization of Culture: The Globalization of K-Pop

DE-NATIONALIZATION AND RE-NATIONALIZATION: THE GLOBALIZATION OF K-POP Gyu Tag Lee, Ph.D. George Mason University, 2013 Dissertation Director: Dr. Paul Smith K-Pop – contemporary Korean dance music –

Document recognition of printed scores and transformation into MIDI

The DOREMIDI System allows the processing of simple piano music pieces for two hands characterized by the following steps: scanning paper images - Processing of binary image data into basic components - Knowledge-based analysis and symbolic representation of a musical score - Visual and acoustic reproduction of the results.