New synthesis of sulphonylureas.

  title={New synthesis of sulphonylureas.},
  author={Roger J. Tull and R. C. O'neill and Edmund P. McCarthy and J J Pappas and John M. Chemerda},
  journal={Journal of the Chemical Society. Perkin transactions 1},
1-Alkyl-3-arylsulphonylureas have been synthesised by the reaction of sym-1,3-dialkylureas with aryl sulphonamides. The mixed sulphonylureas are formed in good yield by virtue of the symmetry possessed by the dialkylurea component. 
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Thermal dissociation of sulfonylureas. II. Dissociation of four N- and N'-substituted sulfonylureas in different media.
The present results point to dissociation, rather than solvolysis, as the most likely mechanism by which sulfonylureas undergo breakdown in alcohols and in water, as well as in amines at relatively low temperatures.
Structural optimization and vibrational analysis of an antidiabetic drug: tolbutamide
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