New supergravities with central charges and Killing spinors in 2+1 dimensions

  title={New supergravities with central charges and Killing spinors in 2+1 dimensions},
  author={P. Howe and J. M. Izquierdo and G. Papadopoulos and P. Townsend},
  journal={Nuclear Physics},
Abstract We construct a new class of ( p , q )-extended Poincare supergravity theories in 2+1 dimensions as Chern-Simons theories of supersymmetry algebras with both central and automorphism charges. The new theories have the advantage that they are limits of corresponding ( p , q ) adS supergravity theories and, for not too large a value of N = p + q , that they have a natural formulation in terms of off-shell superfields, in which context the distinction between theories having the same value… Expand
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