New subtype of acute odontoid fractures (type IIA).


A new subtype of axis fracture, thought to be a variant of the Type II odontoid fracture, is described. High resolution, thin section computed tomography can assist in the identification of comminuted fractures at the base of the dens with associated free fracture fragments. Because these injuries are markedly unstable and cannot be suitably realigned and reduced by external means, early surgical therapy should be considered.

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@article{Hadley1988NewSO, title={New subtype of acute odontoid fractures (type IIA).}, author={Mark N. Hadley and Carol M. Browner and Shih Sing Liu and Volker K. H. Sonntag}, journal={Neurosurgery}, year={1988}, volume={22 1 Pt 1}, pages={67-71} }