New species of Nanexila Winterton & Irwin and Taenogera Kröber from Australia (Diptera: Therevidae)

  title={New species of Nanexila Winterton \& Irwin and Taenogera Kr{\"o}ber from Australia (Diptera: Therevidae)},
  author={Shaun L. Winterton},
Two new species are described in each of the closely related genera Nanexila Winterton & Irwin and Taenogera Krober. Nanexila atricauda sp. nov. and Nanexila jimrodmani sp. nov. are described. The phylogenetic placement and diagnostic characteristics of these new species and other species recently transferred to Nanexila are discussed. Taenogera luteola sp. nov. and Taenogera brunnea sp. nov. are distinctive species described from female specimens collected in Queensland. Taenogera is diagnosed… 

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