New species of Drimia (Hyacinthaceae: Urgineoideae) allied to Drimia marginata from Western and Northern Cape, South Africa

  title={New species of Drimia (Hyacinthaceae: Urgineoideae) allied to Drimia marginata from Western and Northern Cape, South Africa},
  author={John C. Manning and Peter Goldblatt},
Plants until now identified as Drimia marginata (Thunb.) Jessop on account of their leathery, oblong to elliptical leaves with thickened, cartilaginous margins and capitate inflorescences of campanulate flowers, are shown to comprise three sets of populations separable on leaf morphology, ecology and distribution. Typical D. marginata produces 1 (2) oblong, apiculate leaves with retrorsely-scabridulous margins and occurs in fine-grained clay soils on the Hantam and Roggeveld Plateaus. Plants… 

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