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New species of Annulariidae (Gastropoda) from the Bahamas and Dominican Republic

  title={New species of Annulariidae (Gastropoda) from the Bahamas and Dominican Republic},
  author={G. Watters and G. Duffy},
Ten new taxa of Annulariidae are described from the Bahamas and the Dominican Republic: Abbottella (Abbottella) harpeza n. sp.; A. (A.) mellosa n. sp.; A. {A.) milleaccmtha n. sp.; Chondropoma (Chondropoma) marmoreum n. sp.; C. {Wetmorepoma) ociileum n. sp.; Chondropomiiim hooksi n. sp.; C. alyshae n. sp.; C. piimiliim n. sp.; Chondropomella elegtms n. sp. from the Dominican Republic; and Opisthosiphon (Opisthosiphona) simpsoni williamsae n. subsp. from the Bahamas. Chondropomella is removed… Expand
New taxa and distributional notes on Abbottella and related taxa (Gastropoda: Littorinoidea: Annulariidae).
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A revision of the Indo-West Pacific fossil and Recent species of Murex s.s. and Haustellum (Mollusca: Gastropoda: Muricidae)
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