New species of Amanita from Western Australia

  title={New species of Amanita from Western Australia},
  author={O. K. Miller},
Eleven new species of Amanita, Amanitaceae, are described from the southern Eucalyptus-dominated forests of Western Australia. One distinctive species is referred to subgenus Amanita, section Amanita. The other 10 species are members of the subgenus Lepidella, 5 in section Lepidella, 2 in section Validae, and 3 in section Phalloidae. All 11 species were fruiting in native Eucalyptus forests from 247 km north of Perth to Albany, 424 km south of Perth, on the southern coast. Key words… Expand
Three New Species of Amanita from Western Australia
Three new species of Amanita including A. basiorubra, A. austroviridis, and A. luteivolvata are described from Western Australia and found as mycorrhizal associates of Eucalyptus in the southwestern forests of Western Australia. Expand
A new species of Amanita growing under Eucalyptus is discovered in South Brazil
Amanita aliena is described as new species from a Eucalyptus plantation in South Brazil. It belongs to subgenus Amanita where it has an isolate phenetic position, due to distinct morphology:Expand
Amanita marmorata subsp. myrtacearum—a new subspecies in Amanita section Phalloideae from Hawaii
A widely distributed Amanita was observed on six of the Hawaiian Islands fruiting in association with Eucalyptus and Casuarina species. Subsequent in? vestigation revealed it to be closely related toExpand
Amanita lippiae: a new species from the semi-arid caatinga region of Brazil
Amanita lippiae is described as a new species from a semi-arid (caatinga) region of northeastern Brazil that possesses clampless basidia and elongate to nearly cylindrical inamyloid basidiospores and is a gemmatoid species assignable to Amanita sect. Expand
Amanita alpinicola sp nov., associated with Pinus albicaulis, a western 5-needle pine
A new species, Amanita alpinicola, is proposed for specimens fruiting under high elevation pines in Montana, conspecific with specimens from Idaho previously described under the invalid name,Expand
Amanita ochroterrea and Amanita brunneiphylla (Basidiomycota), one species or two?
Low clamp connections have been observed in the holotype and paratypes of A. brunneiphylla, and the main difference between them is the presence or absence of clamp connections. Expand
Nomenclatural changes in Amanita.
Eight nomenclatural novelties (new names and new combinations) are proposed in Amanita; the improperly designated neotype of A. nivalis is proposed as an epitype of that species. Expand
Death cap mushrooms from southern Australia: additions to Amanita (Amanitaceae, Agaricales) section Phalloideae Clade IX
Abstract. The following three similar Amanita spp. are described: Amanita djarilmari E.M.Davison, A. gardneri E.M.Davison from the south-west of Western Australia and A. millsii E.M.Davison &Expand
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Amanita lesueurii and A. wadjukiorum (Basidiomycota), two new species from Western Australia, and an expanded description of A. fibrillopes
Two new species from Western Australia are described, one from the mid-west region and another from the Perth metropolitan area, which was previously only known from the type locality and is a widespread but misidentified species. Expand