New species and records of Charisius Champion from Mexico and Central America (Coleoptera, Tenebrionidae, Alleculinae)

  title={New species and records of Charisius Champion from Mexico and Central America (Coleoptera, Tenebrionidae, Alleculinae)},
  author={J. Campbell},
  pages={269 - 293}
Abstract The species of the genus Charisius Champion, from Mexico and Central America are reviewed. The flightless genus Narses Champion, with one included species, N. subalatus Champion, is placed in synonymy with the genus Charisius. Four new species are described and illustrated, C. granulatus and C. punctatus (from Guatemala) and C. apterus and C. howdenorum (from Mexico). Charisius subalatus (Champion) is redescribed and illustrated. The species C. interstitialis Champion is placed in… Expand
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A revision of the genus Charisius (Coleoptera: Alleculidae)
Glossary (morphological terms)
2. Glossary of Morphological Terms
Descriptions of some new species of North American heteromerous Coleoptera
  • Proceedings of the Entomological Society of Washington
  • 1901
Family Cistelidae
  • Biologia Centrali- Americana. Insecta Coleoptera
  • 1888
2. C. picturatus Champion -Basal yellow spot of elytra either absent (Fig. 2) or represented by a large, oval spot placed in-middle of each elytral disc (Fig. 3)
    3 2 Elytra with transverse yellow bands; apex of female elytron emarginate (Figs 7, 20)
    • Wings reduced, flightless species, metaventrite short (Fig. 18)
    3. C. mexicanus Campbell 7 Basal yellow spot extending from sides to middle of each elytron
      4. C. granulatus sp. n. -Pronotum with surface microsculpture fine, visible only under high magnfication (64×), shining; punctures fine
        7 6 Male eighth sternal lobes narrow (see Campbell 1965, p. 55), evenly curved medially; known from south of the Isthmus of Tehuantepec in Mexico
        • Elytra with basal yellow band greatly expanded, basal band interrupted only by elytral suture (Figs 1, 5-6)