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New species and a new combination of Mentzelia section Bartonia (Loasaceae) from the Colorado Plateau

  title={New species and a new combination of Mentzelia section Bartonia (Loasaceae) from the Colorado Plateau},
  author={Henry J. Thompson and Barry A. Prigge},
  journal={The Great Basin naturalist},
—A new species, Mentzelia (sect. Bartonia) cronquistii , subfamily Mentzelioideae, is described and a new combination, M. (sect. Bartonia) rnarginata (Osterhout) is made. These two species of the Colorado Plateau are closely related to each other, but their relationships to other species in section Bartonia are obscure. The plants of Mentzelia sect. Bartonia in the Colorado Plateau ofeastern Utah, western Colorado, and northern Arizona show very high moriohological diversity that has not been… 

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