New schemes for creating large optical Schrödinger cat states using strong laser fields

  title={New schemes for creating large optical Schr{\"o}dinger cat states using strong laser fields},
  author={J. Rivera-Dean and P Stammer and Emilio Pisanty and Th. Lamprou and P. Tzallas and Maciej Lewenstein and Marcelo F. Ciappina},
  journal={Journal of Computational Electronics},
Recently, using conditioning approaches on the high-harmonic generation process induced by intense laser-atom interactions, we have developed a new method for the generation of optical Schrödinger cat states [1]. These quantum optical states have been J. Rivera-Dean ICFO Institut de Ciencies Fotoniques, The Barcelona Institute of Science and Technology, 08860 Castelldefels (Barcelona), Spain E-mail: P. Stammer Max Born Institute for Nonlinear Optics and Short Pulse… Expand

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