New results on elements 111 and 112

  title={New results on elements 111 and 112},
  author={Sigurd Hofmann and Fritz Peter Hessberger and D. Ackermann and Gottfried M{\"u}nzenberg and S. Antalic and P. Cagarda and B. Kindler and Jasmina Kojouharova and M. Leino and B. Lommel and Robert B. Mann and A. G. Popeko and S. V. Reshitko and {\vS}. {\vS}{\'a}r{\'o} and Juha Uusitalo and A. V. Yeremin},
  journal={The European Physical Journal A - Hadrons and Nuclei},
Abstract:Experiments on the synthesis and identification of the nuclei 272111 and 277112 were performed in order to confirm previous results. Three additional decay chains were measured in the reaction 64Ni + 209Bi →273111*. The study revealed considerably improved data on the decay chain originating from 272111. One additional chain was measured in the reaction 70Zn + 208Pb →278112*. The decay properties of the chain starting at 277112 are in excellent agreement with the second chain of the… 

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