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New results for 5-point functions

  title={New results for 5-point functions},
  author={Janusz Gluza and Tord Riemann},
  journal={arXiv: High Energy Physics - Phenomenology},
  • J. Gluza, T. Riemann
  • Published 18 December 2007
  • Mathematics, Physics
  • arXiv: High Energy Physics - Phenomenology
Bhabha scattering is one of the processes at the ILC where high precision data will be expected. The complete NNLO corrections include radiative loop corrections, with contributions from Feynman diagrams with five external legs. We take these diagrams as an example and discuss several features of the evaluation of pentagon diagrams. The tensor functions are usually reduced to simpler scalar functions. Here we study, as an alternative, the application of Mellin-Barnes representations to 5-point… 

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