New results and new trends in development of gyrotrons for fusion

  title={New results and new trends in development of gyrotrons for fusion},
  author={G. G. Denisov and A. G. Litvak and Vladimir L. Bakunin and A. V. Chirkov and A. N. Kuftin and V. I. Malygin and Yu. V. Novozhilova and V. E. Zapevalov and E. M. Tai and V. E. Myasnikov and L. G. Popov and E. A. Soluyanova and M. V. Agapova and Yu N. Belov and I. V. Kazansky and A. V. Kruglov and V. O. Nichiporenko and E. V. Sokolov and S. V. Usachev and Igor N. Roy},
  journal={2014 39th International Conference on Infrared, Millimeter, and Terahertz waves (IRMMW-THz)},
During last years several new gyrotrons were developed at IAP/GYCOM. The main ITER requirements to a gyrotron have been demonstrated: 170 GHz frequency, 1MW power, 1000 seconds pulse duration, 53% efficiency. For a multi-frequency gyrotron a novel scheme for a tunable window was developed. Additionally some other new gyrotrons were developed for running plasma installations. New directions in the gyrotron development are studied: elaboration of gyrotrons at high frequencies (~300GHz) and… CONTINUE READING