New reports of confirmed pandiculation by spiders

  title={New reports of confirmed pandiculation by spiders},
  author={Shojiro Nagayama and K. Takasuka},
  journal={Acta Arachnologica},
― Pandiculation within spiders has only recently been discovered - the first record of this habit among Protostomia – and it has only been demonstrat-ed in one species ( Cyclosa argenteoalba ). We report here four further araneoid species i.e. Argiope bruennichi , Cyrtophora ikomosanensis , Trichonephila clavata (all Araneidae), and Nihonhimea japonica (Theridiidae) exhibiting pandiculation in or on their own webs. These records suggest that pandiculation is widely distributed at least among… 

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Pandiculation documented in a spider

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Clinical somatic education: a new discipline in the field of health care

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