New records of the red-rumped mouse Juliomys pictipes (Osgood, 1933) (Rodentia: Sigmodontinae) in coastal Atlantic forest of Paraná, southern Brazil

  title={New records of the red-rumped mouse Juliomys pictipes (Osgood, 1933) (Rodentia: Sigmodontinae) in coastal Atlantic forest of Paran{\'a}, southern Brazil},
  author={Ricardo Augusto Serpa Cerboncini and C{\'a}ssio Marcelo Mochi Junior and Liliani Marilia Tiepolo and Fernando C. Passos},
Juliomys pictipes is a Sigmodontinae rodent endemic to the Atlantic Forest. Herein, we report the first records of the species on the coast of the state of Parana, filling a gap in the species’ distribution. Records at low altitudes in the eastern part of the Serra do Mar confirm that the coastal mountains are not a barrier to the species’ distribution. 
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