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New records of marine invertebrates from the coast of Senegal

  title={New records of marine invertebrates from the coast of Senegal},
  author={Peter Wirtz},
All observations were made while SCUBA diving in the area of NGor Island, Senegal, at the western tip of the Cape Verde peninsula (14 degrees 45 minutes N, 17 degrees 30 minutes W), in October 2009. Animals were photographed in the field and in some cases collected. Specimens of Chauvetia tenuisculpta were deposited at the Swedish Museum of Natural History under the numbers SMNH 109314 to 109317. 
New geographic distribution records for Northeastern Atlantic species from Peniche and Berlengas Archipelago
During SCUBA dives and intertidal surveys carried out in 2006 and 2007 at Peniche and the Berlengas Archipelago (Portugal), undertaken as part of a research project with the objective of publishing
First record of buccinid genus Chauvetia (Mollusca: Gastropoda) from the fossil record of the New World (Miocene, Venezuela) and its paleobiogeographic implications
The oldest representative of the buccinid genus Chauvetia is described from the upper Burdigalian-lower Langhian transition Cantaure Formation of Venezuela, suggesting a New World tropical origin to the genus and subsequent immigration to the Old World before the earliest known Old World record, which is upper Tortonian.
Pseudobiceros wirtzi sp. nov. (Polycladida: Cotylea) from Senegal with revision of valid species of the genus.
A new species of Pseudobiceros from the African continent that has been repeatedly reported and photographed over the years, but lacked a formal description is described based on morphological and histological characters.
Molecular phylogenetic investigations of the relationships of the echinoderm-parasite family Eulimidae within Hypsogastropoda (Mollusca).
Bayesian and maximum likelihood phylograms of Hypsogastropoda based on nuclear and mitochondrial loci and a better taxonomic sampling than in previous molecular analyses suggest Vanikoridae as the sister group of Eulimidae; the two families are collectively placed in the newly redefined superfamily Vanikoroidea.


New records of marine invertebrates from the Cape Verde Islands.
During several night-dives, this species was observed and photographed in a depth range of 10 – 22 m. The species is unmistakable (e.g. photo of animal from Tenerife, Canary Islands in WIRTZ 1995, p
Four amphi-Atlantic shrimps new for São Tomé and Príncipe (eastern central Atlantic).
All observations were made during an expedition to the islands of São Tomé and Príncipe in February and March 2004. The first part of the expedition was to the north coast of Príncipe. Seven dives
Contribución al conocimiento de la biodiversidad de políclados (Platyhelminthes, turbellaria) en las islas Canarias
A checklist of seventeen species of the order Polycladida Lang, 1884, collected in different stations of Canary Islands (Eastern Atlantic Ocean) is presented. Abundance and distribution data are
Actiniaria and Ceriantharia of the Azores (Cnidaria Anthozoa)
Eight species of sea anemones are mentioned, the species Cereus pedunculatus and Sagartia affinis being new records for the archipelago and both species of Ceriantharia, namely Arachnanthus nocturnus and Pachycerianthus solitarius, are recorded from the Azores for the first time.
Quantitative Biological Assessment of a Newly Installed Artificial Reef in Yenne, Senegal
This is the 1st study to quantify fish abundances on an artificial reef in the West African region and it shows a strong tendency for fish aggregation around the artificial reef, while fish aggregation was negligible at the control site.
Marine Crustacea Decapoda von den Kapverdischen Inseln mit Bemerkungen zur Zoogeographie des Gebietes
  • Courier Forschungs - Institut Senckenberg
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Contribucón al conocimiento de la biodiversidad de políclados ( Platyhelminthes , Turbellaria ) en las Islas Canarias
  • Revista de la Academia Canaria de Ciencias
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Las especies del género Chauvetia del área de Dakar, Senegal, África occidental, con la descripción de diez especies nuevas
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Four amphi-Atlantic shrimps new
  • 2004