New quantum obstructions to sliceness

  title={New quantum obstructions to sliceness},
  author={Lukas Lewark and Andrew Lobb},
  journal={Proceedings of The London Mathematical Society},
  • Lukas Lewark, Andrew Lobb
  • Published 2016
  • Mathematics
  • Proceedings of The London Mathematical Society
  • It is well known that generic perturbations of the complex Frobenius algebra used to define Khovanov cohomology each give rise to Rasmussen's concordance invariant ss. This gives a concordance homomorphism to the integers and a strong lower bound on the smooth slice genus of a knot. Similar behavior has been observed in sl(n)sl(n) Khovanov–Rozansky cohomology, where a perturbation gives rise to the concordance homomorphisms snsn for each n≥2n≥2, and where we have s2=ss2=s. We demonstrate… CONTINUE READING

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