New quantum Poincaré algebra and κ-deformed field theory

  title={New quantum Poincar{\'e} algebra and $\kappa$-deformed field theory},
  author={Jerzy Lukierski and Anatol Nowicki and Henri Ruegg},
  journal={Physics Letters B},

κ - Deformed Poincaré Algebra and Some Physical Consequences

The κ-deformed D = 4 Poincare algebra is obtained by a special contraction of the real quantum Lie algebra U q (0(3,2)). We describe this contraction and study the consequences of the κ-deformation

The classical basis for the κ-Poincaré Hopf algebra and doubly special relativity theories

Several issues concerning the quantum κ-Poincaré algebra are discussed and reconsidered here. We propose two different formulations of the κ-Poincaré quantum algebra. Firstly we present a complete

New quantum deformations ofD=4 conformal algebra

We consider new class of classicalr-matrices forD=4 conformal Lie algebra. These r-matrices do satisfy the classical Yang-Baxter equation and as two-tensors belong to the tensor product of Borel

k-deformed Poincare algebras and quantum Clifford-Hopf algebras

The Minkowski spacetime quantum Clifford algebra structure associated with the conformal group and the Clifford-Hopf alternative k-deformed quantum Poincare algebra is investigated in the

Quantum κ-deformed differential geometry and field theory

I introduce in κ-Minkowski noncommutative spacetime the basic tools of quantum differential geometry, namely bicovariant differential calculus, Lie and inner derivatives, the integral, the Hodge-∗

Quantum D = 4 Poincaré superalgebra

The kappa -deformation of D=4 Poincare algebra is extended to the N=1 D=4 Poincare superalgebra. By the contraction of real Hopf superalgebra Uq(OSp(1 mod 4)) (q real) we obtain real Hopf algebra

Quantum Poincare group related to the kappa -Poincare algebra

The classical r-matrix implied by the quantum kappa -Poincare algebra of Lukierski, Nowicki and Ruegg is used to generate a Poisson structure on the Poincare group. A quantum deformation of the



q-Deformed Poincaré algebra

Theq-differential calculus for theq-Minkowski space is developed. The algebra of theq-derivatives with theq-Lorentz generators is found giving theq-deformation of the Poincaré algebra. The reality

The quantum Heisenberg group H(1)q

The structure of the quantum Heisenberg group is studied in the two different frameworks of the Lie algebra deformations and of the quantum matrix pseudogroups. The R‐matrix connecting the two

The three‐dimensional Euclidean quantum group E(3)q and its R‐matrix

A contraction procedure starting from SO(4)q is used to determine the quantum analog E(3)q of the three‐dimensional Euclidean group and the structure of its representations. A detailed analysis of

A simple derivation of the quantum Clebsch–Gordan coefficients for SU(2)q

To SU(2) q , the quantum deformation of SU(2), the van der Waerden method for calculating the Clebsch–Gordan (CG) coefficients is genaralized. The polynomial basis for irreducible representations of

Compact matrix pseudogroups

The compact matrix pseudogroup is a non-commutative compact space endowed with a group structure. The precise definition is given and a number of examples is presented. Among them we have compact

On Field Theories with Non-Localized Action

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An Introduction to Field Quantization

An introduction to field quantization , An introduction to field quantization , مرکز فناوری اطلاعات و اطلاع رسانی کشاورزی