New pregnane glycosides from Caralluma dalzielii.

  title={New pregnane glycosides from Caralluma dalzielii.},
  author={Marinella De Leo and Nunziatina De Tommasi and Rokia Sanogo and Giuseppina Autore and Stefania Marzocco and Cosimo P{\`i}zza and Ivano Morelli and Alessandra Braca},
  volume={70 9},
Twenty-seven new pregnane glycosides were isolated from the whole plant of Caralluma dalzielii, and their structures elucidated from extensive 2D NMR analysis as well as ESI-MS experiments. All isolated compounds were tested for their antiproliferative activity on J774.A1, HEK-293, and WEHI-164 cell lines. Moderate to high potency of cytotoxicities were found in almost all tested compounds, confirming the significant cytotoxic activity of pregnane glycosides. 

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