[New polypropylene hernia prosthesis].


Since the first true hernioplasty performed by Edoardo Bassini more than 100 years ago (1884) all surgical reconstruction techniques have shared a common defect i.e. tension on suture line. This is the first etiologic factor of recurrent hernia. On the contrary by the use of modern prosthetic materials (mesh and plug) it is now possible to marriage all hernia repairs without distorting normal body anatomy and avoid undesirable tensions. The technique proposed is simple, efficient, characterized by a rapid performing procedure, giving way to an excellent clinical outcome: postoperative pain relief permitting the patient to resume in a short time his normal physical activities. In this paper the authors present their experience in wall defects reconstruction by means of outpatient surgery and in general anesthesia in the period spanning from 1994 to 1996. Five different types of hernia mesh in hernioplasty procedures were evaluated and used.

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