New polymer platform of BARC for ArF lithography

  title={New polymer platform of BARC for ArF lithography},
  author={Yoshiomi Hiroi and Takahiro Kishioka and R Sakamoto and Daisuke Maruyama and Yasushi Sakaida and Takashi Matsumoto and Yasuyuki Nakajima and Sang-mun Chon and Young-Ho Kim and Sangwoong Yoon and Seok Min Han and Young-hoon Kim and Eunyoung Yoon},
  booktitle={SPIE Advanced Lithography},
We found a new polymer platform for ArF BARC that can be prepared by addition polymerization. This system not only improves resist pattern collapse, but also allows control of the optimum film thickness, and etch rate by combination of compounds, method of polymerization (molecular weight control), and additives. Moreover, these materials have the unique characteristic that the resist profiles change little even if the type of resist changes. 


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