New physics models facing lepton flavor violating Higgs decays at the percent level

  title={New physics models facing lepton flavor violating Higgs decays at the percent level},
  author={Ilja Dor{\vs}ner and Svjetlana Fajfer and Admir Greljo and Jernej F. Kamenik and Nejc Ko{\vs}nik and Ivan Nǐsand{\vz}i{\'c}},
  journal={Journal of High Energy Physics},
A bstractWe speculate about the possible interpretations of the recently observed excess in the h → τμ decay. We derive a robust lower bound on the Higgs boson coupling strength to a tau and a muon, even in presence of the most general new physics affecting other Higgs properties. Then we reevaluate complementary indirect constraints coming from low energy observables as well as from theoretical considerations. In particular, the tentative signal should lead to τ → μγ at rates which could be… 

Minimal Models of Loop-Induced Higgs Lepton Flavor Violation

The LHC has recently reported a slight excess in the h → τμ channel. If this lepton flavor violating (LFV) decay is confirmed, an extension of the Standard Model (SM) will be required to explain it.

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We explore the parameter space of lepton flavor violating (LFV) neutral Higgs Yukawa couplings with the muon and tau leptons that can be probed at the high-luminosity Large Hadron Collider (HL-LHC)

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A bstractWe study lepton violating Higgs (HLFV) decays, first from the effective field theory (EFT) point of view, and then analysing the different high-energy realizations of the operators of the

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Physics beyond the Standard Model has so far eluded our experimental probes. Nevertheless, a number of interesting anomalies have accumulated that can be taken as hints towards new physics: BaBar,

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A bstractWe study the general Zee model, which includes an extra Higgs scalar doublet and a new singly-charged scalar singlet. Neutrino masses are generated at one-loop level, and in order to

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The flavor, changing neutral current decay h → τµ is studied in a renormalizable scalar leptoquark model with no proton decay. Analytical expressions for the one-loop level contributions of a scalar

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A bstractWe explore several novel LHC signatures arising from quark or lepton flavor violating couplings in the Higgs sector, and we constrain such couplings using LHC data. Since the largest signals

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Flavour changing processes like t → hu, hc, h → τe, τμ as well as hadronic decays h → bs, bd, are analysed within a class of two Higgs doublet models where flavour changing neutral scalar currents at

Naturally large radiative lepton flavor violating Higgs decay mediated by lepton-flavored dark matter

A bstractIn the standard model (SM), lepton flavor violating (LFV) Higgs decay is absent at renormalizable level and thus it is a good probe to new physics. In this article we study a type of new



New Physics Models Facing Lepton Flavor Violating Higgs Decays

We speculate about the possible interpretations of the recently observed excess in the h → τμ decay. We derive a robust lower bound on the Higgs boson coupling strength to a tau and a muon, even in

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Direct searches for lepton flavor-violating Higgs boson decays in the τ μ channel have recently been reported by the CMS Collaboration. The results display a slight excess of signal events with a

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A bstractWe study a class of nonstandard interactions of the newly discovered 125 GeV Higgs-like resonance that are especially interesting probes of new physics: flavor violating Higgs couplings to

Higgs flavor violation as a signal to discriminate models

A bstractWe consider the Higgs Lepton Flavor Violating process h → τμ, in which CMS found a 2.5 σ excess of events, from a model independent perspective, and find that it is difficult to generate

Vector-like leptons: Higgs decays and collider phenomenology

A bstractWe study the impact of heavy vector-like leptons on several observables in collider and low-energy physics. These states, present in many well-motivated extensions of the Standard Model, can

Imprints of massive inverse seesaw model neutrinos in lepton flavor violating Higgs boson decays

In this paper we consider a Higgs boson with mass and other properties compatible with those of the recently discovered Higgs particle at the LHC, and explore the possibility of new Higgs leptonic

Evidence for the Higgs-boson Yukawa coupling to tau leptons with the ATLAS detector

: Results of a search for H → ττ decays are presented, based on the full set of proton-proton collision data recorded by the ATLAS experiment at the LHC during 2011 and 2012. The data correspond to

Non-decoupling SUSY in LFV Higgs decays: a window to new physics at the LHC

A bstractThe recent discovery of a SM-like Higgs boson at the LHC, with a mass around 125-126 GeV, together with the absence of results in the direct searches for supersymmetry, is pushing the SUSY

Higgs-mediated τ → 3μ in the supersymmetric seesaw model

Recent observations of neutrino oscillations imply nonzero neutrino masses and lepton flavor violation (LFV), most economically explained by the seesaw mechanism. Within the context of supersymmetry,