New physics data libraries for Monte Carlo transport

  title={New physics data libraries for Monte Carlo transport},
  author={Mauro Augelli and Steffen Hauf and Markus Kuster and M. Han and C. H. Kim and Maria Grazia Pia and Lina Quintieri and Hee Seo and Paolo Saracco and Georg Weidenspointner and Andreas Zoglauer},
  journal={IEEE Nuclear Science Symposuim \& Medical Imaging Conference},
  • M. Augelli, S. Hauf, A. Zoglauer
  • Published 1 October 2010
  • Computer Science
  • IEEE Nuclear Science Symposuim & Medical Imaging Conference
The role of data libraries as a collaborative tool across Monte Carlo codes is discussed. Some new contributions in this domain are presented; they concern a data library of proton and alpha ionization cross sections, the development in progress of a data library of electron ionization cross sections and proposed improvements to the EADL (Evaluated Atomic Data Library), the latter resulting from an extensive data validation process. 

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