New phallodrilines (Annelida: Clitellata: Tubificidae) from Western Australian groundwater

  title={New phallodrilines (Annelida: Clitellata: Tubificidae) from Western Australian groundwater},
  author={Adrian M. Pinder and Stefan M. Eberhard and William F. Humphreys},
Four species of phallodriline tubificids (Clitellata: Tubificidae) from karst aquifers and caves along the west coast of the state of Western Australia are the first records of this subfamily from nonmarine waters in the southern hemisphere. Aktedrilus parvithecatus (Erseus 1978) and Pectinodrilus ningaloo n. sp. occur in anchialine groundwater of Cape Range, along with other taxa of marine affinity. Aktedrilus leeuwinensis n. sp. and Aktedrilus podeilema n. sp. occur in caves of the Leeuwin… 

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