New notations in the periodic table

  title={New notations in the periodic table},
  author={Ekkehard Fluck},
  journal={Pure and Applied Chemistry},
  pages={431 - 436}
  • E. Fluck
  • Published 1 January 1988
  • Chemistry
  • Pure and Applied Chemistry

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On the occasion of the sesquicentenniel of the discovery of the periodic table by Mendeleev, it is appropriate to look at how these metals have influenced the authors' understanding of periodicity and the relationships between elements.
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This article focuses on periodical tables in chemical journals and text books and explores and compares the development of colour codes found in the few existing polychrome diagrams from the 1920s to the 1970s and describes the utility of the “paper tool”.


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Im Rahmen eines Handbuchs der Physik kann es sich bei der Besprechung des naturlichen Systems der chemischen Elemente nicht darum handeln, die Fulle der chemischen Tatsachen zu bringen, die zur
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