New norcucurbitacin and heptanorcucurbitacin glucosides from Fevillea trilobata.

  title={New norcucurbitacin and heptanorcucurbitacin glucosides from Fevillea trilobata.},
  author={Luiza Carneiro Mareti Valente and A A Leslie Gunatilaka and Thomas E. Glass and David G I Kingston and Anne C. Pinto},
  journal={Journal of natural products},
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From the MeOH extract of the seeds of Fevillea trilobata (Cucurbitaceae) were isolated fevicordin A glucoside [1], cayaponoside B [2], cayaponoside D [3], a new norcucurbitacin glucoside, and a new heptanorcucurbitacin glucoside. The structure of the new norcucurbitacin glucoside, andirobicin A glucoside, was established as 29-nor-1,2,3,4,5,10-dehydro-25-methoxy-2-O-beta-D-glucopyranosyl- 3,16 alpha,20R,22 xi-tetrahydroxy-11-oxocucurbit-23-ene [4], and that of the novel heptanorcucurbitacin… 
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Tetracyclic triterpenes. Part 16. Synthesis of 31-norcucurbitane and fusidane derivatives in the skeletal rearrangements of 9,11-epoxy-4β-demethyl-5α-lanostanes
The BF3·Et2O-catalysed rearrangement of 9β,11β-epoxy-4β-demethyl-5α-lanostan-7-one derivatives 11 and 12 in acetic anhydride resulted in formation of 19(10→9β)abeo compounds (31-norcucurbitanes)
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Inhaltsstoffe tropischer Arzneipflanzen, 67. Mitt. : 24‐Acetylaminofevicordin D‐glucosid, ein artefizieller Inhaltsstoff von Fevillea cordifolia? — Zur Reaktivität der Fevicordine
24‐Acetylaminofevicordin D‐glucosid (1) wurde als neue Nebenkomponente aus den Samen von Fevillea cordifolia (Cucurbitaceae) isoliert und seine Struktur mit spektroskopischen Methoden aufgeklärt. Wie
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