New names in Monotagma (Marantaceae)

  title={New names in Monotagma (Marantaceae)},
  author={Mats Hagberg and Roger Eriksson},
A taxonomic revision of Monotagma (Marantaceae) concludes that this genus comprises 37 species, of which the following 18 species are here described as new: M. aurantispathum, M. breviscapum, M. congestum, M. exile, M. flavicomum, M. floribundum, M. grallatum, M. humile, M. lilacinum, M. nutans, M. papillosum, M. paradoxum, M. remotum, M. roseum, M. septentrionale, M. spathulatum, M. tuberosum, and M. uliginosum. Furthermore, the new subspecies M. grallatum subsp. subcentricifolium is described… Expand
Molecular Phylogeny and Redefined Generic Limits of Calathea (Marantaceae)
Calathea is recircumscribed in a narrow sense and Sanblasia is placed in synonymy and the genus Goeppertia is resurrected and redefined to include all members of the second Calathea clade. Expand
Flora das cangas da Serra dos Carajás, Pará, Brasil: Marantaceae
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