New morphometrical data of Lake Ladoga

  title={New morphometrical data of Lake Ladoga},
  author={Aleksander I. Sorokin and Mikhail A. Naumenko and Margarita F. Veselova},
Depth distribution in Lake Ladoga reflects the geological structure of the lake basin. Bottom relief determines the distribution of bottom sediments, benthic organisms, horizontal temperature distribution and other characteristics and effects general current pattern in different seasons of the year. In this paper new values of mean depth, volume and area of Lake Ladoga and its parts are presented, and also the length and fractal dimension of the shoreline are determined. Based on the analysis… 
Lake Ladoga Digital Bathymetric Models: Development Approaches and Insight for Limnological Investigations
  • M. Naumenko
  • Environmental Science
    Limnological Review
  • 2020
Abstract The creation of digital bathymetric models (DBM) of lakes allows not only for storage of the data on depths and shorelines in a standard format, but also for the estimation of the major
Plankton community structure during the vernal thermal front in southern Lake Ladoga, Russia
A thermal har is a shore-parallel front which separates descending waters at or near the fresh water temperature o f maximum density ( 4 °C) during the spring_ and au~ seasons (GBAH & MURTHY 1998).
The present state of Lake Ladoga, Russia — a review
Until the carly 1960s, Lake Ladoga was oligotrophic and characterized by good water quality, but within the past 20-30 years, as a result of human impact, the ecological state seems to have deteriorated, with elevated nutrient concentrations and decreased transparency.
Effects of nutrient load on species composition and productivity of phytoplankton in Lake Ladoga
In the 1990s the tendency has been towards decreasing phosphorus content (1992-95 mean 18 mg m -3 ), but the changes in phytoplankton productivity between years were connected mainly with temperature.
Seasonal succession of phytoplankton in Lake Ladoga
Both water quality and phytoplankton in Lake Ladoga have been studied since the 1960s. Spatial distribution and long-term variation of phytoplankton are well known in this lake (PETROVA 1987,
Evaluation of the lake model FLake over a coastal lagoon during the THAUMEX field campaign
The THAUMEX measurement campaign, carried out during the summer of 2011 in Thau, a coastal lagoon in southern France, focused on episodes of marine breezes. During the campaign, three intensive
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