[New models of experimental chemotherapy of tumors].


New neoplastic models such as orthotopic solitary hepatic tumor (cholangiocellular cancer PC-1) as well as different strains of malignant pleuritis (hemoblastosis and ascitic tumors) have been evolved by transplanting tumor cell suspension to rat liver or murine pleural cavity. Intrahepatic cancer PC-1 has a solid mucosa-excreting structure and is… (More)


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@article{Treshchalina2001NewMO, title={[New models of experimental chemotherapy of tumors].}, author={Elena M Treshchalina and Natalia V. Andronova and Valery Kobliakov and Nathan T. Raikhlin}, journal={Voprosy onkologii}, year={2001}, volume={47 6}, pages={701-5} }