New model for magnetism in ultrathin fcc Fe on Cu(001).

  title={New model for magnetism in ultrathin fcc Fe on Cu(001).},
  author={Holger L. Meyerheim and J M Tonnerre and Leonid M. Sandratskii and H{\'e}lio C N Tolentino and Marek Przybylski and Yasmine Gabi and Ferruh Yildiz and Xue L Fu and Elza Bontempi and St{\'e}phane Grenier and J{\"u}rgen Kirschner},
  journal={Physical review letters},
  volume={103 26},
Using soft-x-ray resonant magnetic scattering in combination with first-principles calculations for noncollinear magnetic configurations we present a new model of the magnetism in ultrathin fcc Fe films on Cu(001). We find the presence of blocks with robust magnetic structure, while the relative directions of the moments of different blocks are sensitive to the detailed atomic structure and temperature. The magnetic noncollinearity is directly demonstrated, which has not been possible so far. 

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