New mini-osteotomy of the infraorbital nerve in bony decompression for endocrine orbitopathy.


Endocrine orbitopathy is a systemic complex disease that involves the orbital contents. The symptoms are exophthalmos and correlated. The surgical techniques used to correct this condition can be fat decompression by the Olivari technique, 3-wall bony decompression, or the combination of these 2 surgical strategies, the ancillary procedure. Fat decompression is indicated when the intraconal and extraconal fat tissue is increased, whereas bony decompression is used in the presence of extraocular muscle involvement, associated with a normal quantity of intraconal-extraconal fat. Surgical techniques include the transconjunctival approach and ostectomy of the medial wall (when possible through endoscopy), orbital floor, and lateral wall of the orbit.Complications of this type of intervention are often represented by sensitivity disorders of the second branch of the trigeminal nerve, compressed by the intraorbital contents when they prolapse into the sinus. Possible sensitivity disorders are paresthesia, anesthesia, hypoaesthesia, dysesthesia, and hyperesthesia.The innovation introduced by the first author in 2007 consists of a mini ostectomy around the infraorbital foramen with removal of bone fragment. This determines relaxation of the nerve and makes easier the descent toward the sinus, allowing a larger expansion of the orbit contents. The absence of compression significantly reduces the sensitive complications. After treatment of the basic disease, surgical indications should be given according to the Werner classification. Fat decompression with the coronal approach is almost entirely abandoned for the transconjunctival approach, which allows adequate exposure of the lower orbit.The use of mini ostectomy of the infraorbital foramen combined with a 3-wall bony expansion showed a significant reduction of sensitive complications that often cause patient discomfort.

DOI: 10.1097/SCS.0b013e3181c51123

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