New metabolites from endolichenic fungus Pleosporales sp.


Eight new metabolites were obtained from the culture of an endolichenic fungus, Pleosporales sp. Their structures were determined as three terphenyl derivatives, cucurbitarins A-C (1-3, resp.), two structurally related compounds, cucurbitarins D and E (4 and 5, resp.), two benzocoumarins, 3,10-dihydroxy-4,8-dimethoxy-6-methylbenzocoumarin (6) and 3,8,10… (More)
DOI: 10.1002/cbdv.201400279


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@article{Jiao2015NewMF, title={New metabolites from endolichenic fungus Pleosporales sp.}, author={Yang Jiao and Gang Li and Hai-ying Wang and Jing Liu and Xiao-bin Li and Lu-lu Zhang and Zun-tian Zhao and Hongxiang Lou}, journal={Chemistry & biodiversity}, year={2015}, volume={12 7}, pages={1095-104} }