New measure for objective evaluation of mesh segmentation algorithms

  title={New measure for objective evaluation of mesh segmentation algorithms},
  author={Fatima Rafii Zakani and Khadija Arhid and Mohcine Bouksim and Mohamed Aboulfatah and Taoufiq Gadi},
  journal={2016 4th IEEE International Colloquium on Information Science and Technology (CiSt)},
3D segmentation methods and their evaluation are important problems in computer graphics. Many 3D segmentation techniques are available in the literature, how to efficiently evaluate these methods is an important issue. In this paper we propose a new objective evaluation metric suitable for the evaluation of 3D segmentation methods, based on the Dice Coefficient (DC). Dice Coefficient is a similarity coefficient, designed to compute the degree of similarity between sample data sets. We extend… CONTINUE READING