New limits on the Lorentz/CPT symmetry through fifty gravitational-wave events

  title={New limits on the Lorentz/CPT symmetry through fifty gravitational-wave events},
  author={Ziming Wang and Lijing Shao and Chang Liu},
  • Ziming Wang, Lijing Shao, Chang Liu
  • Published 2021
  • Physics
Lorentz invariance plays a fundamental role in modern physics. However, tiny violations of the Lorentz invariance may arise in some candidate quantum gravity theories. Prominent signatures of the gravitational Lorentz invariance violation (gLIV) include anisotropy, dispersion, and birefringence in the dispersion relation of gravitational waves (GWs). Using a total of 50 GW events in the GW transient catalogs GWTC-1 and GWTC-2, we perform an analysis on the anisotropic birefringence phenomenon… Expand

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