New limit on signals of Lorentz violation in electrodynamics.

  title={New limit on signals of Lorentz violation in electrodynamics.},
  author={John A. Lipa and Joel Alan Nissen and S. Q. Wang and D. A. Stricker and D. Avaloff},
  journal={Physical review letters},
  volume={90 6},
We describe the results of an experiment to test for spacetime anisotropy terms that might exist from Lorentz violations. The apparatus consists of a pair of cylindrical superconducting cavity-stabilized oscillators operating in the TM010 mode with one axis east-west and the other vertical. Spatial anisotropy is detected by monitoring the beat frequency at the sidereal rate and its first harmonic. We see no anisotropy to a part in 10(13). This puts a comparable bound on four linear combinations… 

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