New interconnection methodology of TSNs using V2X communication


As required to support a variety of multimedia and telematics services in the automotive industry, the IEEE 802.1 AVB standard, which can ensure the communication speed up to 10Gbps by applying to Ethernet to the IVN (In-vehicle Network), was published in 2013. In addition, as the research of autonomous driving is accelerated, the IEEE 802.1 TSN (Time-Sensitive Network) standard, which can ensure the QoS and transmission rate of control data related to the safety of driver, is newly added and under the publication process. However, AVB or TSN standard has an isolated characteristic, such as an existing home or industrial network and doesn't cover the necessity to communicate with the outside. So, those standards have limitations in the extension of the new communication system utilizing the mobility of vehicles. Therefore, we propose a method to extend existing closed IVN network using vehicle's mobility and V2X communication in this paper. It enables interworking between different TSN networks based on wireless communication. Moreover, we proposed a way to utilize on the road so that the alarm messages related to the safety can be transmitted in microsecond unit of time through interworking each vehicle's TSN network. It is expected that the braking safety distance of the vehicle can be secured more than the conventional millisecond unit of time. Using this methods, the existing V2X can be linked to IVN and it will create a safer autonomous driving environment.

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