New insights on the nebular emission, ionizing radiation and low metallicity of Green Peas from advanced modelling

  title={New insights on the nebular emission, ionizing radiation and low metallicity of Green Peas from advanced modelling},
  author={Vital Fern'andez and Ricardo Amor'in and E. P'erez-Montero and Polychronis Papaderos and Carolina Kehrig and Jos'e M. V'ilchez},
Low-metallicity, compact starburst galaxies referred to as Green Peas (GPs) provide a unique window to study galactic evolution across cosmic epochs. In this work, we present new deep optical spectra for three GPs from OSIRIS at the 10m Gran Telescopio Canarias (GTC), which are studied using a state-of-the-art methodology. A stellar population synthesis is conducted with 1098 spectral templates. The methodology succeeds at characterising stellar populations from 0.5 Myrs to 10 Gyrs. The light… 


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a b s t r a c t The ab initio quasirelativistic Hartree–Fock method developed specifically for the calculation of spectral parameters of heavy atoms and highly charged ions is used to derive…
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Discovered in October 2010 by the LINEAR survey, P/2010 TO20 LINEARGrauer (P/LG) was initially classified as an inert Jupiter Trojan. Subsequent observations obtained in October 2011 revealed P/LG to…
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Resumen en: The e ect of temperature uctuations in the spectra of ionized nebulae was rstly explored by Peimbert (1967). Since then, the problem of their existen...
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FADO continua fit for the galaxy GP004054 (orange). The best fitting SED (blue) includes the stellar (black) and nebular (red) components
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