New insights on the history of canids in Oceania based on mitochondrial and nuclear data

  title={New insights on the history of canids in Oceania based on mitochondrial and nuclear data},
  author={K. M. Cairns and A. Wilton},
  • K. M. Cairns, A. Wilton
  • Published 2016
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Genetica
  • How and when dingoes arrived in Oceania poses a fascinating question for scientists with interest in the historical movements of humans and dogs. The dingo holds a unique position as top terrestrial predator of Australia and exists in a wild state. In the first geographical survey of genetic diversity in the dingo using whole mitochondrial genomes, we analysed 16,428 bp in 25 individuals from five separate populations. We also investigated 13 nuclear loci to compare with the mitochondrial… CONTINUE READING
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