New immunopharmacologic approaches to asthma: role of cytokine antagonism.

  title={New immunopharmacologic approaches to asthma: role of cytokine antagonism.},
  author={Lanny J. Rosenwasser},
  journal={The Journal of allergy and clinical immunology},
  volume={105 2 Pt 2},
  pages={S586-91; discussion S591-2}
This article involves an elucidation of the potential inflammatory mechanisms associated with the treatment of allergic disease and asthma, and the possibility of cytokine antagonism as a potential therapeutic mechanism for the treatment of those diseases. There is a review of the role of cytokines in the allergic process and a description of a number of studies done with the capacity of certain cytokine antagonists to develop potential amelioration of immune dysregulation in asthma and atopic… CONTINUE READING

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