New hepatoprotective triterpenes from Canarium album.

  title={New hepatoprotective triterpenes from Canarium album.},
  author={Masumi Tamai and Nobuhisa Watanabe and Masayuki Someya and Hideaki Kondoh and Satoshi O̅mura and Paul J Zhang and Rouling Chang and Wei M. Chen},
  journal={Planta medica},
  volume={55 1},
Canarium album has yielded seven triterpenes of which two appear to be novel. The new triterpenes, which were identified on the basis of spectral characteristics, are urs-12-ene-3 alpha, 16 beta-diol and olean-12-ene-3 alpha, 16 beta-diol. Both compounds exhibited hepatoprotective activity in primary cultured rat hepatocytes intoxicated with D-galactosamine.