New genetic model for predicting phenotype traits in sports.

  title={New genetic model for predicting phenotype traits in sports.},
  author={Myosotis Massidda and Marco Scorcu and Carla Maria Cal{\'o}},
  journal={International journal of sports physiology and performance},
  volume={9 3},
PURPOSE The aim of the current study was to construct a genetic model with a new algorithm for predicting athletic-performance variability based on genetic variations. METHODS The influence of 6 polymorphisms (ACE, ACTN-3, BDKRB2, VDR-ApaI, VDR-BsmI, and VDR-FokI) on vertical jump was studied in top-level male Italian soccer players (n = 90). First, the authors calculated the traditional total genotype score and then determined the total weighting genotype score (TWGS), which accounts for the… CONTINUE READING