New functions for the NHERF family of proteins.

  title={New functions for the NHERF family of proteins.},
  author={Edward J. Weinman},
  journal={The Journal of clinical investigation},
  volume={108 2},
185 The sodium-hydrogen exchanger regulatory factor, NHERF (also called EBP50), was isolated initially as a necessary cofactor in cAMP-associated inhibition of the renal brush border sodium-hydrogen exchanger (NHE3) (1). Shortly thereafter, a second member of this family was cloned and characterized (NHERF2, also called E3KARP and TKA1) (2). NHERF and NHERF2 contain two tandem proteinprotein interactive PDZ domains. Following the demonstration that these proteins bind ezrin, a new model was… CONTINUE READING
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