New functional legume foods by germination: effect on the nutritive value of beans, lentils and peas

  title={New functional legume foods by germination: effect on the nutritive value of beans, lentils and peas},
  author={C. Vidal-valverde and Juana Fr{\'i}as and Isabel Cristina Sierra and Inmaculada Bl{\'a}zquez and Fernand Lambein and Y H Kuo},
  journal={European Food Research and Technology},
Abstract. The effect of different conditions of germination at a semi-pilot scale on the content of available soluble sugars, alpha-galactosides, vitamins B1 and B2, and inositol phosphates of beans, lentils and peas have been studied. Results obtained indicated that germination modified the nutritional composition of legumes depending on the type of legume and germination conditions. The storage compounds present in dry seeds (alpha-galactosides and higher forms of inositol phosphates… 

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